Shannon Brooke- Hot Rod Pin-Ups

Shannon Brooke was born and raised in Orange County, CA, USA: at 18 an aunt gave her a 35mm Nikon F-Series as a birthday present. She ended up taking some photography classes at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo and later attended the Brooks Institute of Photography. Inspired by the work of famed pin-up artist Alberto Vargas and the studio lighting used by George Hurrell and Cecil Beaton in the 1940's, she soon made a name for herself as a modern pin-up and fashion photographer.



Today Brooke is primarily based in L.A. and focusing on commercial portraiture. She has worked with some of the most recognized names in the world of pin-up including Dayna Delux, Heidi Van Horne and Claire Sinclair. She is also currently the lead photographer at West Coast Choppers and Hot Topic, Inc. 


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Vintage "Custom Car" Girls

Launched in 1970, Custom Car was the UK's first modified motoring magazine. With its generally irreverent and rebellious early style, it quickly took the opportunity to cover the recently established drag racing scene, with full reports from both the UK and US. Regular features on cars of the era were included along with news and rumors.


"…You didn’t even need a real car on the cover, just a real pair of titties and another 100,000 copies flew off the shelves."

The Custom Car shows at Crystal Palace and Alexandra Palace took place for over ten years starting in 1972. Custom Car magazine's support for racing over the years has remained undiminished and later expanded to sponsorship of events and class sponsorship.

Custom Car Magazine at britishdragracinghof.co.uk
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