2014 Commie Bike & Sidecar Rally- Cabana Cuca, Romania

Intâlnirea de Comuniste şi Ataşe 2014, 25-27 Iulie,
Cabana Cuca...

The 7th Annual Sidecar and Commie Bike Rally of Romania; 25-27 July 2014
Communist bike owners (Soviet, Eastern European brands), sidecar machines, classic/vintage motorcycles (more than 25 years)  
Where: Central/Eastern Europe- Romania; Cuca mountain lodge in the Carpathians, near the old town of Campulung Muscel (SW of Brasov).
Google Earth coordinates; 45° 28' 30.21"N , 25° 02' 46.74" E , or
GPS Lat.:45.4750839867; Long.:25.046115614528
The site is accessed via 18km of good asphalt road and another 4km of dirt trail. Cuca is basically an old school Alpine style lodge built to support mountain goers; it features wood heating, army barracks interior, 2 outside toilets and a pipe drawing water from the river. There is hot water only in the kitchen and some electricity from a solar panel.
Camping is available on site by a clear river at 1200m altitude. For travelers requiring modern lodging the Cabana Voina Chalet is 4km downstream and equipped with modern facilities.