carey quinton haider / road

"Haider, an American photographer-creative director creates emotion through a vast body of work in touch with Americana, the outdoors, youth, rebellion, and the aftermath.
As child growing up in the farm town of Boring, Oregon, Haider was handed a 1970's Canon AE-1 camera early on. The authenticity of understanding story telling whether it be documentary or a styled narrative naturally took root from being exposed to places and individuals in his younger years growing up in a motorcycle shop and hitting the road for months at a time during the summer."




"Those years of sleeping in the back of a pickup truck bed in twenty degree weather while it was snowing  and my grandmother throwing a bag of bullets into the campfire have never left me.  The photography I capture is an extension of life expressed by its subjects and surroundings." 

careyquintonhaider.com (Official site)


Rockin' Jelly Bean

Since "Rockin’ Jelly Bean" started his career in Tokyo in 1990, has become infamous for his lascivious and wildly imaginative work. Stylistically influenced by such artists as Ed Roth,Robert Williams and Robert Crumb he has following in their low-brow footsteps; in the late 90s, he relocated to LA where he started up his original brand EROSTY POP. In 2004,he established EROSTIKA as his official shop

He is known to sport a Lucha doll mask at all times and is said to never appear in public without it.