More Girls of Иж

I covered Иж pretty comprehensively in my March 2011 article, but found these on some Russian sites recently and thought they might contribute to the topic. I realize I haven't been particularly productive on the blog posts lately, but I have a few more "Relics" coming soon ;)
Links to the official sites at bottom.
(edit: my bad, this first bike seems to be a FrankenMinsk with some Izh parts bolted on. But WTF, you know you're not really looking at the engine anyway ;)


Top: Tonya@ Just Nude.com
Bottom: Natasha Shy


FNA Custom Cycles: Custom BMW

You know, out here in Bumfuck East Europe we get a fairly limited view of the custom bike world: it's mostly relegated to western motor sports or watching the Teutals bitch at each other like a couple of chihuahuas for an hour before they turn out some hideous piece of chromed corporate advertising on two wheels. Granted, I'm "old school" (some would use the term "dinosaur") and my taste in bikes is a bit narrow. My heartthrob is a 60 year old Russian machine, which probably certifies me for mental counseling anyway. But when I saw this a couple of months ago, my jaw really dropped.

Eric Allard over at FNA Custom Cycles started out with a '73 BMW R75 750 flat twin, then basically fabricated a whole bike around that. The frame and front end are completely custom, and the tank is a modified Harley Dyna Glide fitted with a stock '66 BMW speedo and VW gas cap.

What really turned me on was the chain drive/rear brake conversion: it's a Polaris ATV front differential connected with a twin sprocket & chain and running a Brembo disc on one side with the drive sprocket off the other. No more final drive gear ratio issues ;)

Here's a writeup from the August 2010 UK magazine "Back Street Heroes":

They've also been turning out some other rather fine machines based on classic models, including a '73 Triumph and some vintage Japs. Check out their website & blog at the links below.

fna custom cycles.com