Dear Somethingawful.com:

Boat posted:

Is there a bunch of Photoshop "weight loss" in that picture or am I losing it?

Still cute.

Don't think so. Found it here. NWS

e: It's an interesting blog despite all the objectifying images of women.

re eggyolk: sarcasm appreciated.

 "Interesting writeup on Enfield. Was fun to read, cause I work at an Enfield dealer. They mention the fact, but don't drive it home, that RE is "one of" the oldest bike manufacturers in the world in continuous production. In fact they're the oldest in the world as far as I know, considering that Harley only goes back to 1903. But I guess RE doesn't really count now because they're owned by brown people."

re Rev. Dr. Moses P. Lester: entitled much bitch ? 

( both comments referring to my Royal Enfield post, http://transversealchemy.blogspot.com/2011/05/royal-enfield-made-like-gun.html)

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