More Girls of Иж

I covered Иж pretty comprehensively in my March 2011 article, but found these on some Russian sites recently and thought they might contribute to the topic. I realize I haven't been particularly productive on the blog posts lately, but I have a few more "Relics" coming soon ;)
Links to the official sites at bottom.
(edit: my bad, this first bike seems to be a FrankenMinsk with some Izh parts bolted on. But WTF, you know you're not really looking at the engine anyway ;)


Top: Tonya@ Just Nude.com
Bottom: Natasha Shy


  1. The first one's a 125cc single-cylinder two-stroke Minsk, Charlie. The 2nd appears to be an IZH Planeta 4. Can't tell what model the girls are though :P.

  2. yeah, good call. I saw tits and the logo on the mudflap and made a hasty assumption... ;)