Russian Ural photos by "Stix"

I've been coming across these photos in a variety of places, from Chinese "adult" sites to aggregators like biketits.com not to mention various portfolio sites around the world. I've tried to find out more, but unfortunately there's basically no working contact or background information. After a lot of digging I did manage to find a website on narod.ru, but Google Translate failed miserably and the guestbook function - his only contact option- doesn't seem to work. The last post there was in 2010.
I don't even know his actual name as the website seems to host images credited to several other bikers...


More photos and info:


  1. Her nickname is Lizel, I think she's a Ukrainian model. She's very cute, looks mindblowingly innocent and has had a more famous breakthrough in such photography with her "Lizel Gilera" batch.

    Great stuff, lad!

  2. good call... it is indeed the same model in the first 8 pics.