Intrunirea de Comuniste si Atase - Siriu, Romania 2012

Commie Bike Rally time again! Three days lost in the wilds of the Carpathians with a bunch of mad-assed bikers, well- it's more or less the highlight of the summer in certain circles. No naked Russian babes here unfortunately: most of the gratuitous nudity involved old guys with massive beer guts and I'm going to spare you as much of that as possible. But the beer was cold, the BBQ was hot and the ride (something like 1200k on my trail) was just fucking fine.

The M72 was noticeably missing- alas, a massive electrical clusterfuck has taken her off the road for a few weeks and my ass is glued to the Jap. Yes, I caught my share of grief over it but in fact there were plenty of other bro's in the same situation so we managed to hide our guilt pretty well.

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(Some photos pulled from www.motociclism.ro , credits to original owners)


  1. Cool, cooler, coolest! If I come next year, will you be my interpreter?

  2. I'll try, but frankly "beer" is universal ;)