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"Robert Klestrovs. Born and raised in the city, where the wind is born, except for a few years that the student's time was spent in Riga. A little above the age of Christ ... (36). Married to a charming and understanding woman in the world. Photography and photography is my passion and obsession since childhood. Along with elder brother of his father's old Zenit bildējām and then developed pictures in the bathroom. It seriously passionate in photography for about 5 years. All that skill, I have learned through self - read a lot, watch, investigate the relation, and the experiment was involved. Liepaja photo club "Fotast" member. He has participated in a wide variety of photos and informal plenaries photo party. Called themselves "fotoapsēsto". Seriously passionate about black and white photos, because I believe that truly make a black and white picture is much more complicated than it might seem. I put myself in pictures, exposing particle of his soul. I have often questioned why I photograph mostly girls and women. My answer is always the same - because there is nothing more beautiful in this world than a woman. Whether she is old or young, naked or dressed, short or long, thin or round, beautiful or not (although there is already another question - what is beauty and how it is measured?) ... If you want to stand in front of my camera and capture yourself in pictures then feel free to contact me :) - I can send e-mails creator {@} recovered.lv (without the {} in the middle) or search for my social portal draugiem.lv and http://www.draugiem.lv/fotoapsestais "

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