Pulsating Paula / road archives

Jon Patrick over at The Selvedge Yard recently posted some of this stuff, inspiring me to pick up where he left off.
Paula Reardon (aka Pulsating Paula) was born in Jersey City in 1954. Since the 1980's she's been photographing bikers, tattoo artists and general mayhem around the US, with thousands of her shots gracing the pages of magazines like “Biker Lifestyle” and "Tattoo".


"My 10 minute set up of my photography studio consisted of 2 flood lights that burnt the shit out of any poor person in front of them and a 6x9 foot black cloth I got from Kmart that was tacked onto a wall. Never considered myself professional ever. I just loved doing it with every fiber in my body. I know the wonderful people I met and places I been in this journey will live on forever in my photographs." 




http://pulsatingpaula.imgur.com/ -Pulsating Paula on Imagur
http://www.spacedoutphoto.com/ - Paula Reardon, official site

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