carey quinton haider / road

"Haider, an American photographer-creative director creates emotion through a vast body of work in touch with Americana, the outdoors, youth, rebellion, and the aftermath.
As child growing up in the farm town of Boring, Oregon, Haider was handed a 1970's Canon AE-1 camera early on. The authenticity of understanding story telling whether it be documentary or a styled narrative naturally took root from being exposed to places and individuals in his younger years growing up in a motorcycle shop and hitting the road for months at a time during the summer."




"Those years of sleeping in the back of a pickup truck bed in twenty degree weather while it was snowing  and my grandmother throwing a bag of bullets into the campfire have never left me.  The photography I capture is an extension of life expressed by its subjects and surroundings." 

careyquintonhaider.com (Official site)

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