Balkans Burn

On August 5th, 2008 Pera Baity and I set out to explore the Balkans. We were riding antique Russian motorcycles; mine is a 50's vintage M72 and Pera's on an 1960's Ural M61. The journey would take us over three thousand kilometers, from my home In Varna bulgaria down the Black Sea coast then inland to the Greek border crossing near Svilengrad, From there we travelled further south to the coast of the Aegean before riding west through Thessalonia and into the Pindus Mountains. We turned north from here and crossed into Albania, then eastwards through Macedonia and back across Bulgaria: after a brief rest I continued up into Romania.

Over seventeen days of constant movement, through five countries. Part of our goal was to explore the Vlach culture that still lies hidden in the small mountain villages, but mainly it was just to ride....

3,000+ Kilometers.
17+ Days.
5 Countries.
2 Antique Russian Motorcycles.
$20 Film Budget.
0 Support Vehicles.
0 Film Crew.

Lots of beer.

The free, full length video will be released here in 10 - 15 minute segments, and will also be available on my website at Goodkarmaproductions.com as production is completed.
Click here to view the journal and photos from the trip.

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