Motorcycle FAIL....

Yeah, you've been watching old reruns of American Chopper (badly translated into your language of choice), and you're thinking "shit man, I've got my grandpa's old Izh back in the barn- I can customize that baby and sell it for a fortune !!!"
Of course you ain't got no cash, and the cameras ain't rolling... so you make do with the scrap laying around the farm. After a few months work and a coat of housepaint, VOILA! Your own custom....erm, "chopper".

So this one's dedicated to all those guys who shouldn't be allowed to play with wrenches:

Step 2- learn how to paint flames... 50cc Simson

Step 3- Learn how to paint flames that don't look like barf after a gallon of cheap red wine. The BMW sticker adds a nice touch though.
If this guy lived near me, I'd be worried.

Nice chain on an extreme lowrider. Probably not safe to take off the sidewalk.
The King of Bling

Harley owner with a Vespa fetish...

Currently known as "Jobody the Legless Wonder". 99% sure this is Photoshop, but...
Fuck fiberglass...
I don't even know what to think about this. I'm almost hoping it's a photoshop job.
What NOT to do to a Triumph.
When you can't find scrap metal, use firewood.

Of course, even the "Pros" have some days when the design team and the mechanics are mixing different classes of drugs....  

Yellow wheels are innovative. The rest of it looks like they mixed too much broccoli with some bad acid.
What do ya mean ya ran out of chromium for the plating tank ???
I think the one with the freaky mannikin inspired this...
And almost sure this one was cut out of the back of a Japanese breakfast cereal box.

I could probably add 90% of everything Paul Teutel Jr. ever touched, but that would just be monotonous.

REMEMBER KIDS: Just because it sounds like a great idea after the 5th bong hit, that doesn't mean it is a great idea ;) 

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